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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Exclusive: RWD and ProtonMedia Form Partnership

Here at the ASTD international conference, you can learning a lot just by listening and talking to folks.

So, here is an exclusive piece of news (a couple of days before the "official announcement") Protonmedia and RWD are teaming up in a strategic partnership.

RWD and their focus on human and operational performance improvement solutions is partnering with the 3D virtual learning and collaboration company, Protonmedia, to create an engaging and exciting solution that will provide their clients with a rich, 3D environment to encourage collaboration, innovation and foster learning. This adds another great tool to RWD's large arsenal of tools, processes and solutions. It also helps them expand their solution base into new areas of collaboration and positions them well in the various industries they serve.

Ron Burns, CEO of Protonmedia said that the partnership will allow the two organizations to "bring collaboration and learning together for large enterprise customers."

Quick Analysis
As companies like SAIC purchase 3D world vendors like Forterra , I think we will see more of these partnerships and I believe that having RWD and Kaplan-EduNeering behind Protonmedia will propel 3D virtual immersive environments into the forefront of enterprise solutions for collaboration and learning.

More on this story as it unfolds.

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