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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Knowledge Summit--Talking about Social Media But, Will it Blend?

Today and tomorrow I will be at the 7th annual Kaplan-EduNeering Knowledge Summit. I have been to many EduNeering Knowledge Summits and always have a great time. I'll be doing a book signing, facilitating a video interview about the strategic relationship between ProtonMedia and Kaplan-EduNeering with Lisa Clune and Ron Burns and generally mixing with a great group of folks.

Also, I'll be hooking up with Novorati's president John Royer. And see my friends Bonni and Heath from Stellar Meetings.

This year I will be speaking on the topic of Social Media and its use in organizations with tight compliance regulations and what lessons those organizations can take from others. One of my favorite uses of social media is Facebook and so I look to Blendtec to answer the question....does Facebook Blend? And you can check out Blendtec's Facebook page to keep up-to-date on Blendtec blends.

Here are some pictures and thoughts from a previous Knowledge Summit I attended.

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