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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Student Presentations for CAC.

Today, students began at 9:00 presenting their solutions to the mock RFP for HealthNet International. This mock RFP asked for a re-configuration of call center training and asked them to reduce the 7 week training period and to develop a more problem-based learning approach as well as develop a comprehensive assessment of employee abilities and develop a new train-the-trainer program to skill up the trainers to deliver the new curriculum.

The first team to present is eTuitive Solutions.
Presenting for eTuitive Solutions are Lauren Pyskoty, 
Lee Hardin, Joseph Humes, and Jillian Mitchell

eVolution Team went next...right when my camera ran out of batteries so we are working on getting me a photo of that team. But here is the cover of their document.

OutSmart presentation team.
Mike Thompson, Brian Guay, Craig Geromi, kirstin Adhikari and Rachel Upadhyay.

CSI--Creative Specialized Intelligence

 Derk Stevens, Marina Miranda, Abdulrahman Alzahrani,
 Jenna Wisniewski, and Anthony Ruth

CLS--Century Learning Solutions

Dyshanna Dozier, Justin Link, Nayeem Karim,
 Danielle Vasquez and Marilyn Miller.

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