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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Positive Birthday Vibes:)

Thanks to everyone who emailed or stopped by my Facebook page for a birthday well wishing, much appreciated!!!

I think a positive outlook on a Birthday can bring forward some good vides no matter how old a person is in terms of years on Earth.

I had some really good things happen in the last couple days that I think were, in part, due to my positive Birthday vibe and thought I'd share a couple (plus when I have an off day, I'll bookmark this post for a positive energy boost.)

ASTD's April T&D Magazine published an article I wrote with Tony O'Driscoll called "Designing Virtual Immersive Environments"

The article is based on the book Learning in 3D
and outlines some considerations for learning in 3D and ways to think about the exciting new environment for learning and collaboration.

A colleague of mine got an email with this nice message about a course I conducted called "Avoiding Death by PowerPoint"
As a side note, let me share that people at our office were so pleased with the Advanced PP training that Dr Kapp gave us last week! Across the board, people commented positively on his pedagogical approach, his kindness, the hands-on nature of the training. It totally revolutionized how many of our staff do PowerPoint. So thank him again on our behalf.

I also recently received an email that said...
I was in the audience for your presentation. Yours was THE Best Technical presentation I've ever attended - bar none. It was informative, fast moving, easy to understand, timely and most of all - RELEVANT. How did you do that? (I'm smiling)

My post I have Seen the Future of Conferences and It's 3D was listed as number 6 in eLearning Learning's 35 Top eLearning Articles for March and Creating Assessment Questions that Measure Performance was listed as number 20.

The Learning in 3D Facebook page has been categorized as a "Community Page." With over 386 fans.

SlideShare let me know that for a brief moment in time, one of my slide shows was "hot on Twitter." (third one on the right in the top row.)

And sifowler tweeted about buying Learning in 3D! THANKS and thanks to Jane Bozarth...for her positive birthday wish!

Two old friends took the time to drop me a personnel email messages! It was good to catch up with them even though it was only virtually.

And, today, my post at Tech Dimension generated an email that said just two words: Great Stuff!

And, the icing on the cake, as of right now, is OUT OF STOCK on Learning in 3D
...they literally sold out on my birthday! Awesome all of Amazon's stock of Learning in 3D was purchased...but more is on the way. Aaah, nice way to end a Birthday.


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