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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Are you sure it's a training need?

A Needs Analysis is needed because not all requests by managers or others for "training" are really going to be solved by training. Here is a list of some needs that are sometimes mistaken for training needs.

  • Performance Need—Employees are not performing in the proper manner or using inappropriate methods to accomplish goals. The performance is less than optimal because it is easier to do it another way or there is no consequence for poor performance. For example, an operations manager is not handling personnel issues correctly because he or she doesn't like conflict. (the person knows what is acceptable performance but chooses not to do it.). In this case training the person on conflict resolution is not the answer.

  • Organizational Need—The organization is lacking in some capacity or process and is unable to perform or to meet the expectations of its customers. For example, an organization is not able to offer its customers a desired service or offering. You can train people as much as you want but at some point you simply "can't do more with less."

  • Administrative Need—The process for following proper administrative procedures is not followed or is followed incompletely. The tracking and monitoring of administrative tasks is not performed at a satisfactory level. For example, customer warrantee information is not tracked properly. Again, the issue may be the administrative process itself.

  • Technical Need—An organization needs some type of technology to properly perform its obligation to customers or to create additional value for customers. For example, not having a customer-only section of a web site function properly.
  • Financial Need—Funding for desired initiatives does not exist or is scarce. For example, money necessary to purchase servers to house e-learning is not available.

  • Competitive Need—Rival organizations offer something your organization does not. For example, they have a high level of customer service and your organization does not.

  • Marketing Need—Initiatives are undertaken but members are unaware of what is available. For example, new e-learning modules are placed onto the web site but no one is aware of their availability.

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1 comment:

cmills said...


Dr. Daniel Siegel (Full Sail University) directed our Game Strategies and Motivation class to your Blog.

I really liked the "Are you sure it's a training need" post. I can apply so many of the points you made to education and the dynamics of a typical school building. The need for skilled leaders (lead teachers, supervisors, department chairpersons, principals, superintendents etc.) is so necessary. So often the real issues are side stepped and missed and we operate this piece of educational machinery while some pistons are misfiring. The students ultimately suffer!

Great post!