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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Meridian Conference: Lots of Fun, Catching up with Virtual Friends

Left to right are Bill Perry, Managing Parter of Meridian,
 Karl Kapp, Susan Smith Nash of the E-Learning Queen blog, and
Mark Bower of the Learning Leaders Forum blog and Edge Interactive.

Yesterday, had a great panel discussion at the Meridian Learn and Know Conference. I was able to catch up with Alumni John Leh, saw Sean McCarthy (who has an awesome green shirt) and Roy Haythorn (he and I go "way back") and met Jonna Ward (who I have not exchanged emails with) and caught up with a few of people I've met only in Twitter.

Twitter folks were namely LearnNuggets aka Kevin Thorn who told me of some interesting game projects he's worked on (he even had a chance to do a 2 week, heads down game development project leaving the conference room only for coffee--now that's awesome. I also met briefly pamelacdevine (Pam Devine) who blogs at Business Learning Blog and spoke for a while with tomhood (Tom Hood) who is helping CPA's enter into the world of Second Life...check out CPA Island.

Bill Perry discussing topics with the 
audience for the upcoming panel discussion.

The panel on which I served did a fun little exercise, we were given topics and got to decide if they were fact or fad. We discussed current topics like augmented reality (Click here to see BMW's use of virtual googles--you'll need to click on the video in the right hand corner).

We discussed virtual worlds--which I said was fact!

We discussed mobile learning--which I said was a fad because I don't think talking an entire course and squeezing it down to the iPhone for viewing is a good idea. Instead, I think the focus should be mobile performance support. Gathering information you need to do your job but not learning in course format.

We discussed some other great and "dangerous" topics as well. A little later the video of the panel discussion will be posted and you can check it out yourself.

Good fun working with Susan Smith Nash who blogs at E-Learning Queen and Mark Bower who blogs at Learning Leaders Forum. It was so much fun we make take the "show on the road!"

Great meeting everyone!!

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Kevin Thorn said...

Hey Karl! Great to finally meet you! Really enjoyed the Fact vs. Fad panel debate. Interesting way to facilitate a panel discussion.

That game development project was a blast and I can't wait for the next "opportunity" to lock myself into a room!

Funny we were talking about that because just this morning I was asked if we have any eLearning that teaches company culture and history for the incoming interns this season. I sent a link to that game and asked if it would be useful and it seems they're wrapping an 'intern marketing plan' around it! Woot! My game got repurposed!

Great times this week and hopefully next time our paths cross we'll have more time to chat.

Karl Kapp said...


Thanks, glad to hear about the re-purposing of the game, it sounded like a great game and I'm glad to see it has new life.

Also, you've inspired me to try to put together a team and lock them in a room for a couple of days to develop a game. I'll keep you posted on the progress.

Yes, it would have been great to have more time to chat, I'm sure our paths will cross in the future.

Until then, Take care!

Kevin Thorn said...

Now I'm jealous! By the way, the rules are they enter with nothing but an idea and are not allowed to leave unless for a break. In two weeks a published game emerges! If you'd like to see the one I did, I'll see if I can't get it up on an accessible server. I'd love to get your feedback on how to make it better!