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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Virtual World Goods Worth Billions in the New Year

According to the BBC:
Virtual goods such as weapons or digital bottles of champagne traded in the US could be worth up to $5bn in the next five years, experts predict. In Asia, sales are already around the $5bn mark and rapidly growing. As one venture capitalist noted "We have seen companies go from nothing in the last 18-24 months to tens and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue." Additonally, "Virtual goods is the whole story in the world of social games. It accounts for 90-95% of revenue for a lot of these social game developers."

What could be the implication for enterprise-focused virtual immersive environments? Only Second Life has a model where people can buy goods that are corporate focused. Could other virtual worlds create virtual market-places for office furniture, suits and other corporate appropriate items for purchase? Can that be an additional revenue stream for companies in the enterprise space of virtual immersive environments? Is some type of "open virtual world business shop" what in store for 2010 and beyond?

Check out the entire article, The US virtual economy is set to make billions


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Ed said...

I just read the article that you linked to and it was great! Lots of very interesting information. Thank You!