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Monday, December 21, 2009

Learning in 3D Book Tour Start Date Announced

It is official, the Learning in 3D book tour will start on January 11, 2010.

We've got over 30 bloggers on the tour with a special Twitter hashtag of #lrn3d, a Twitter book give away, a 20% discount from the publisher and even a "prize" for folks that follow the entire tour and leave a comment on every blog. Details will be forthcoming.

The tour promises to be an exciting event so get ready. The tour stops will be announced in the near future but I will tell you the first stop will be at the blog of the person that wrote the forward to the book, Ron Burns at ProtonMedia's blog.

*What is a blog book tour? Some have asked me "What is a blog book tour?" There are many definitions but the way this tour will work is that we've asked bloggers to take one day and blog about the book, virtual immersive environments, 3D, conduct an interview with the authors or discuss any other topic some-what related to the book. This will happen at a different blog each day for 6 weeks.

Tony and I will stop by the "tour stop" on that day and leave a comment or discuss something about the book. The idea is to generate buzz, have some fun talking about the book, get feedback from the readers of the book and generate a few sales. This one is much more involved than my last blog book tour but if you want to check out how that went, here is the summary posting for the Gadgets, Games and Gizmos blog book tour.

This time I've incorporated some advice from Nancy Rubin, Mark Burke, Susan Lewis, C. Hamilton and Daniel Siegel who responded to the post Seeking Some Assistance and Advice. We can't do everything they suggested but we are doing as much as we can.


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1 comment:

Mark T. Burke said...

Great idea Karl - I will mark this down and follow your progress.