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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

New Sustainability Education and Learning Web Site Launched

Learn about sustainability issues
 at the Sustainability Institute.

A major issue within organizations today is sustainability. The ability to do the right thing in terms of the environment and in terms of conservation of energy, natural resources and our planet.

In an effort to increase awareness and learning in the area of sustainability, Kaplan-Eduneering in conjunction with Seventh Generation just launched the Sustainability Institute. A site that provides information on basic sustainability concepts and techniques. The site has many good resources that can be explored.

Check out the site and, especially, the short video demonstration that shows how you can learn quick, targeted pieces of information in a short period of time.


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1 comment:

Mark Copeman said...

Think it looks great Karl - needs some promotion now... would love to see Jeffrey shouting from the rooftops about it - a massively important subject, which isn't going away any time soon...

Best wishes,