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Monday, December 28, 2009

Great Year End ReCap

This time of year there are many recaps of blog postings and reflections on the "year in blogs." One good site to check out is ASTD's Learning Circuits Blog Big Question for December. It contains a number of great postings about what bloggers have learned this year.

Another great year end post was done by Zaid Ali Alsagoff over at ZaidLearn. He always does creative graphics and has created interesting and valuable assets for anyone looking to increase their knowledge or resources in the area of e-learning.

Check out the year end post, The Very Best from ZaidLearn! And check out his visual approach to the post (of course from Zaid).

So have some fun and enjoy a visual recap of Zaid's year of blogging, you learn a few things and have some fun!

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1 comment:

ZaidLearn said...

Hi Karl,

Thanks for sharing and the positive feedback.

I am graphic-less :)

ZaidSwoosh will be posting something about you in the next 24 hours (I predict)

It is too juicy to reveal here :)

Have fun and learn along :)