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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Seeking Some Assistance and Advice

As you may know in January 2010 (around the 19th or so) my new book co-authored with Tony O'Driscoll is being published. The book, Learning in 3D: Adding a New Dimension to Enterprise Learning and Collaboration is about using 3D virtual immersive environments for learning and collaboration. Learn more about the book here.

Leveraging the "wisdom of crowds" we am seeking your input and ideas on how to conduct a viral marketing campaign for the book. One idea is the blog book tour but...we am looking for more ideas other social media, physical media or other channels.

So please add a suggestion or two about how you would envision a viral campaign to help potential readers learn about the book.

Thanks and I look forward to your ideas.


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Nancy Rubin, Ph.D. said...

Do a live virtual event to promote the book's release. Have other learning professionals interview you and Tony during the event.

Create a community of learners around the book - sort of like a virtual book group.

Mark T. Burke said...

Karl -- I'll second Nancy's comments and add a few others ideas.

Check out the site that goes with Our Iceberg Is Melting.

While not terribly rich in supporting content (they do have a game though), the site reinforces the cultural impact of the book and develops the character of the book.

Also check out Keith Ferrazzi

Love him or hate him, I like the subscription I signed up for when I bought "Never Eat Alone." It made me feel like I was getting personalized support when reading the book.

Creating a way for folks to sign up for a supporting newsletter, from a site that matches the style of the book with a little game, or 3D world experience could be a really powerful way to market and support folks after the sale. And, for sure, offer a way to suggest the site and newsletter to others for word of mouth marketing.

Another idea is to create a community/competition around the book. If readers could be enticed to read the book and submit projects (conceptual or real) to your blog, they could get timely feedback from others and start spreading the value of the book. Nothing says good book than seeing real results during and after reading it.

Susan said...

You don't mention what your overarching goal is. For some authors, it's to sell more books; for some, it's to use the books to drive speaking gigs; for some, it's just to see their ideas spread.

Chris Brogan pulled off some interesting things this past year with the release of Trust Agents, building a community on Facebook and doing free speaking gigs for large bulk orders. And Seth Godin is giving away 3,000 copies of his new book three weeks before it releases to people who make donations to the Acumen Fund. (People who are part of his tribe and he knows will talk about it.) With Tribes, he sent those of us who pre-ordered the book a second copy to give away. In both cases, he's tapping his core group to reach out to people who might not have heard of him.

C. Hamilton said...

Hey Karl,
We’ll obviously promote widely for you and tie the release to our internal learning community website which may reach some 40,000 people.
In addition I trust you will post where syndicated feeds are being sought and pushed to the overall community mail boxes and portals. Essentially you want to make sure that Technorati among others picks up the buzz.
In addition, I’d work the Linked In communities and individual networks who will spread the word widely as well.

Karl Kapp said...

Nancy, Mark, Susan and C. Hamilton, these are awesome suggestions! Thanks so much for the feedback and ideas, I am going to work with the publisher to do as many of these as I can. Thanks again for taking time to comment!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing useful advice regarding 3d. I like all the details of it..

Dr DMS said...


I'd love to help promote your book in Florida. Would you be interested in visiting?

Daniel Siegel