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Monday, September 21, 2009

Learning in 3D--A Little About the Upcoming Book

Some more information about Learning in 3D--The Book written with my friend Tony O'Driscoll.
Final Book Cover

Immersive learning environments are gaining more and more attention but there are few guidelines to inform the development and encouragement of productive learning (formal or informal) within these environments. Questions like how should these environments be designed to encourage collaboration? What is the right approach with a large number of learners? How can you encourage learners to interact with each other?

This book provides information from corporate and academic perspectives giving you insights into how Virtual Immersive Environments are being used and how organizations are encouraging collaboration through design, working with multiple learners and encouraging learners to interact with each other and the instruction. Case studies will be reviewed as well as providing a list of guiding principles for establishing a 3D learning environment.

As more and more organization begin to focus on 3D environments and their use for education and training, educators, learning professionals and corporate supervisors and managers are going to need to make decisions related to using these environments. Learning in 3D provides information to make informed and thoughtful decisions based on the experience of those who have already worked in the 3D environment.

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Please: Book Permission Requests Underway

Learning in 3D Available for Pre-Order

Also,shortly we'll be announcing our plans for a Blog Book tour. To see an example of my last blog book tour--click here.

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