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Monday, September 28, 2009

3D Happenings

At the 3DTLC a couple of vendors announced some new, really cool features. Here is an update.

Having a chat in the world of ProtoSphere which now integrates with SharePoint.

ProtonMedia announced the integration of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 with the company’s ProtoSphere virtual teaming and collaboration platform. This is the first time Microsoft SharePoint services and content have been combined with a 3D virtual collaboration platform.

By adding ProtonMedia’s SharePoint Media Carousel to their ProtoSphere environment, companies extend their SharePoint investment and processes while they cut travel costs, raise productivity, improve engagement, and speed learning with ProtoSphere.

ProtoSphere’s SharePoint Media Carousel makes it easy for users to share and use any media stored in or managed by Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. They can securely bring live content from their company’s SharePoint infrastructure into ProtoSphere’s 3D world. Once there, the virtual teams can edit, modify, change, and write the content back to their SharePoint infrastructure. This includes content and metadata subject to workflow, process, and compliance rules defined in and enforced by SharePoint. This is exciting news especially since most of the large pharma companies I work with all use SharePoint.

Learn more and get a demo version of the software.

Forterra Systems

Forterra Systems announced that they will ship the 2.3 release of their OLIVE TM (On-Line Interactive Virtual Environment) software platform early in October

Among the new features are
  • Offers a small download install that is embedded into web-based user registration processes so a new user can participate in a 3D virtual meeting within 5 minutes of an invitation.

  • The audio tuning wizard enables new users to quickly talk and listen with a headset using the spatially accurate 3D audio in OLIVE.

  • Web-based Content Management System (CMS) integration that supports web processes for registration of new users, client download, user authentication, and joining OLIVE meetings. These web processes can be implemented with any CMS through the PHP-based APIs provided.

  • Media Dashboards that enable mixing a variety of media like streaming videos, MS PowerPoint slides, desktop or web-based applications onto many 3D screens within an overall dashboard framework. A specific media source can be selected for display on larger screens.

  • A Scenario Editor that collects all of the elements needed in OLIVE to practice a set of repeatable training procedures. The Scenario Editor assembles the 3D scenes, props, interactive objects, and camera positions for recordings needed to play out a scenario with the roles and outfits of supporting cast members.

  • An Artificial Intelligence (AI) API for non-player character development. Now 3rd party AI middleware vendors can be integrated to OLIVE to create and control computer generated avatars inserted into training scenario.

You can read the entire press release OLIVE 2.3 Release.



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