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Monday, September 14, 2009

I Want My MTV--Virtual MTV

I want my MTV...Virtual MTV.

So I was around and in the "prime music age" (read teen) when MTV launched. I remember staying up all night to watch awesome music videos. We thought it was just awesome. And now in its alpha version you can check out a "sorta" 3D virtual MTV as the station moves to create an online venue for fans of the cable network to hangout when they are not watching music videos.

Virtual MTV music awards.

You can do a bunch of neat things, including visiting a lounge, a design studio and decking out your crib. Perhaps this virtual world is set to give Second Life a run for its money. Check out the alpha version of Virtual MTV.

However, with the financial crisis still clearly upon us, shouldn't that age group be hanging out in a more financially educational venue like Stage Coach Island?


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