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Friday, February 09, 2007

Design: Creating Good Questions

One of the most important elements of good instructional design is creating good questions, even if you are doing rapid e-learning. One rapid e-learning package that I have been introduced to recently is Flashform by a company called Rapid Intake.

They have a package that allows the designer to quickly create instruction and to add quesitons. The question creation screen is shown in the top of the blog. I think creating effective questions is one of the most important elements of good e-learning. Too often we create memorization questions. Instead we need force our learners to think. With straightforward question creation templates, we can still write a scenario that forces the learner to think and apply what he or she has learned.

I have written about this before in Creating Good Compliance Questions and in Test Creation Tips.

The other thing that caught my attention about Rapid Intake is the community they are building at their web site. They have a forum, newsletter, books you can buy, lots of good stuff. Go to their Store. With each product they have a See It, Try It and Buy It option. I think that is a great idea and really takes advantage of the power of the web.

Wouldn't it be great as training developers to have content in our courses labeled, Demonstration, Guided Tour, You Try It.

We designers need to consider creating communities around our topics and subjects.


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