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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Out and About: Bloomsburg Entrepreneurs

Recently I had two meetings with two local (Bloomsburg, PA) entrepreneurs. One is working to automate information systems in sheriff's offices and one is looking to automate the medical recruitment process. Neither idea is directly related to instructional design but both include designing systems that are easier and more convenient to use.

Two things strike me as interesting about my recent discussions:

1) Both are running active technology companies in a rural area. I find this exciting and to be a growing trend. Technology really does allow you to create and be creative from anywhere. Broadband is going to allow an exodus from suburban areas to rural areas. Look for this increasing trend.

Lots of rural areas are encouraging it. In the Bloomsburg area for example, we have developed a regional technology center that is attracting established and start up high-tech companies to the region because of the proximity of our instructional technology program and other programs at the college.

You can see the tech-center for your self. Check it out. Also, the town of Bloomsburg is part of a Keystone Innovation Zone, a designated area which is designed to promote innovation and technology. You can read more about that at the associated KIZ web site.

2) Automating processes requires instructional design. Too often designers are brought in after a software product is created. How much easier would it be for people if instructional design was used in product or software design up front. Screens would be more intuitive, processes would be self-teaching. Alas, we designers might be out of a job is a chance I'd like to take.

As always, comments, kudos, complaints and queries are welcome.

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Anonymous said...

Using IDs in the software development process is a great idea. It would take the drudgery out of our work and provide more opportunities for the fun stuff, like up front analysis, designing programs to teach complex skills and performance evaluation.

How many software application training programs can one designer write before she runs screaming into the streets?!

Karl Kapp said...

Just be sure to look both ways before running into the street screaming...:) I look at sites like Google and am amazed at how simple and then I look as certain software programs (even ones fro authoring e-learning) and wonder how they got so convoluted.

Thanks for the comment

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