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Friday, October 13, 2006

Design: Time Savings Converting Stand Up Training to E-Learning

Over the years, I have collected some information on the reduction of time for converting stand up training to e-learning. Here are some statistics you might find interesting. It seems that the average reduction in time is between 40% and 50%.

With e-learning, “results comparable to those of instructor-led training have been achieved in 40 to 60 percent less time.” --Zenger, J., Uehlein, C. Why Blended Will Win, T+D (formerly Training and Development Magazine), ASTD, August 2001, pg. 57.

“Over 30 studies have found that interactive technologies reduce learning time requirements by an average of 50 percent.”--Miller, R. L, Learning Benefits of Interactive Technologies, Multimedia and Videodisc Monitor, February 1990, pg. 14.

“There is very strong evidence that computer-based training requires less time for training compared to instructor-led training. The amount of reduction ranges from 20-80 percent, with 40-60 percent being the most common.”--Hall, B., Web-Based Training Cookbook, Wiley Computer Publishing, New York, 1997, pg. 108.

“Office Depot used a virtual classroom to simultaneously training students in Florida, California, and Texas, thus increasing enrollment by a factor of three while increasing student satisfaction by 30% and knowledge retention by 25% while simultaneously decreasing costs by 80%”. --Horton, W., Designing Web-Based Training, Wiley, New York, 2000, pg. 26.

Fletcher after carefully reviewing over forty independent studies found that “Technology Based Training (TBT) yielded a time saving of 35-45% over traditional classroom instruction while obtaining equivalent or better gains in learning retention and transfer.” --Fletcher, J.D. (1990, July). Effectiveness and Cost of Interactive Videodisc Instruction in Defense Training and Education, Washington DC: Institute for Defense Analyses.

If you have any similar statistics, please post as a comment.

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