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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Out and About: 2006 Training Solutions Conf. and Expo

Currently, I am in Denver Co. where I am speaking on the topic of Games, Gadgets and Gizmos. I had a great session yesterday with a fun group that was enthused and inquisitive. It was standing room only in the session. I really appreciated all the attendees who took their time to attend the session. THANKS:)

We discussed ways to transfer knowledge from the departing boomers to the incoming gamers within the workforce, we mentioned blogs, podcasts, casual games and other items that might help with the transfer process.

The presentation slides for Games, Gadgets and Gizmos: Transferring Knowledge from the Boomers to the Gamers are available here.

Something I did not have time to get to in the presentation but is an "added" bonus to the readers of my blog is that I have discovered a great online game...just in time for the upcoming election. You will need Flash and Shockwave but it is well worth it. This game was created by the cable industry's non-profit education foundation, Cable in the Classroom, in partnership with CNN and The History Channel. It is about running a Presidential campaign.

It is an excellent example of where online games can go in terms of animating a board game. The neat thing is that initially, you need to establish positions and key issues and then the game tracks your progress against the issues you have chosen. Well worth the download and playing time. You need to have a broadband connection but if you do, it is certainly worth it! The game was developed in 2004 but is still relevant today...good game design.

Play the Election board game.

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