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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Summer 2008 Learning in 3D Class: Four

Overseeing the interesting structures built by students.

Second Life class last night had to go on without me as I was "in-the-air" to Texas during class time due to the perils of air travel. So we had a guest speaker who covered basic scripting and some semi-advanced building. The class is coming along well and we have a number of machinima videos coming to YouTube by the end of the semester.


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Dixie said...

thanks for your email clarifying the machinima assignment. i was a bit overwhelmed in class last night with the scripting. it's surely not my "thing" in the long run, but was happy to find success with some of the scripts we were "given." the structures being built by summer freshmen are amazing. i gawked in awe and jealousy as i'm struggling even meeting with my summer freshmen. yet, i have the lesson plan drafted for now; evaluation is yet to be determined.

Joanna Kreisher said...

I honestly didn't know what to expect from this class on scripting. Although I was a bit confused at first, I think that the concept of how scripting in 2nd life works is now more understandable to me. I am really surprised how different the programming language is from others I have learned like C++ and Java. Once I got to play around with it a bit, I was able to get my freshman students to apply pre-written script to get them to place a notecard with an object. Unfortunately, the students really struggled to understand how the scripting worked. So, I do not believe that I will be able to teach them much about scripting with the remaining time left in this summer class.