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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Google Steps into the 3D Universe

Creating an Avatar in Google's Lively.

Ok, so Google did create Google 3D Earth with some pretty cool 3D features as a venture into 3D worlds but now they are jumping in with both feet and offering (for free) a product called Lively. Here is an article on the release called Google Launches Virtual Reality Site

As the article states:
[Lively] is a three-dimensional software that enables people to congregate in electronic rooms and other computer-manufactured versions of real life.
For a complete review of the product check out the review by Jose C Gomez in his blog entry Google Lively Review on his blog

Rather than a platform for 3D training and adventure, the product is currently more like a place to hang out with friends or have a quick conference in 3D...however, I expect Google to keep working on this project and to eventually create a formidable metaverse.

And thanks to Andy S. for reminding me to post about Lively!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow! Maybe Google will turn their GoogleEarth to 3-D. As an educator, it is always good to have choices with technology because certain product names are viewed differently by administrators. This may be an outlet to begin the 3D process in the classroom and eventually lead to a more involved 3D environment like second life. New ways of teaching, such as using 3D, can often be looked at the wrong way at first and this may be a way to get everyone on board before going full force 3D.