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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Resources for the LMS Selection Process

Tony Karrer over at eLearning Technology has a great idea, he is gathering resources for a presention he giving by asking readers to contribute resources. The presentation is on Learning Management Systems and Tony feels the topic is a little boring so he wants inputs from readers. He is listing his notes and thoughts in his blog and asking for responses and input...what is missing, what needs emphasis...etc.

As Tony says, this process will...

Allow me to get input from readers and that means you - yes YOU - I see you reading this and thinking - he doesn't mean me - no I really mean YOU. Help me make this presentation better. Please. Especially what am I missing, what will be useful for an audience of corporate learning folks who are contemplating LMS selection, what won't be useful (and I should delete). I truly need to get input or this could be a boring session - and I don't like boring sessions - see my reservations about the presentation below.
I have some resources that he (and you) may find helpful, so I am posting the list here and then as a comment over on Tony's blog which will allow more readers to benefit from the materials. Alo, I encourage you, if you have any suggestions, please join in the discussion over at Tony's blog at eLearning Technology. He is very open to input and ideas on this subject and, really, any other.

In late 2004 and early 2005, I did a series of articles for eLearn Magazine on the vendor selection process covering vendor selection writing the RFP and other elements of the process. Here are links to those articles.

And finally, after helping a large organization select an LMS system, an associate at that organization compiled 24 pages of LMS selection templates that range from scheduling dates, to listing requirements to defining terms to vendor comparison charts and then she was generous enough to share that process with me so I could share it with others.

You can download the LMS Selection Templates here.

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David Kutcher said...

You can also find e-learning and LMS RFPs at the RFP Database or its blog

Karl Kapp said...


Great resource, thanks.