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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Off to the Training Conference

So today is an incredible day of travel, 6 hours from France to Philly and then 5 more hours to Salt Lake City. Still, worth the trip for the training conference. Already have many dinner plans for a few evenings, good time to see old friends and I got a lot done for my three presentations on the plane.

In honor of the conference, look for me to be blogging at the conference blogTraining Tech Solution.

And if you are thinking about adding games, simulations or Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Play Games better known as MMORPGs, to your training agenda...check out the editor's letter written by Lorri Freifeld called Editor's Note: Game Plan which discusses concepts related to games and simulations.

In the spirit of balanced and equal is a counter arguement...sort of to games (at least of women gamers.)College Women on Gamers: They Giggle.


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