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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Hello, You are On the Air with Karl Kapp

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Mark Lawrence and Joe McGranaghan on their radio talk show On the Mark on News Radio 1070 WKOK. Mark was across the table and Joe sat beside me. The topic was "video games are good for kids?"

A controversial spin on the book and a good approach for a general talk show. Joe and Mark provided great commentary, questions and insights plus they did their home work digging up some articles about the "evils" of video games and well as some articles about the benefits.

It was a lively discussion and Mark even bookmarked a couple of pages in the book for our discussion. We talked about how some games are good for kids, how schools should incorporate more video games into their curriculum and how systems like the Wii can help students loose weight.

I think everyone had a good time (I know I did) and I hope the listeners learned about the good qualities of video games and how some of them can, indeed, be used for learning and education. And don't let Joe fool you, he is totally into Sid Meier's Civilization. And afterward, the play-by-play announcer from the sports desk Kevin Herr joined in a discussion about the infamous Grand Theft Auto series.

We even had two alumni from Bloomsburg Unversity's Instructional Technology program, who I had never met, join in the discussion. Great calls and discussion.

I hope to do it again sometime as Mark did offer to have me on the show sometime in the future.


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dr. Kapp -

I was trying to set something up at my work in a conference room for designers to listen to your broadcast, but we couldn't get the station and were unable to listen on the web.

Was it recorded by any chance? Podcast? Let me know as I was hoping to listen.

Dan Hoffmaster