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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


As the blog community continues to grow... more and more interesting people are joining the conversation every day and adding interesting perspectives. Two people who have recently joined will make it especially interesting

First a welcome to Tony O’Driscoll who leads Performance Architecture Analysis and Design for IBM Sales Learning. He already has a great post about Second Life and I am anxious to read more about IBM's committment to the platform. Although I don't know him personnally, I have read his work and he always has something interesting to say. Visit Tony at Learning Matters and check out his posting Second Life =Experience Economy Platform.

The second person I would like to welcome (although he did have a blog in the past) is Michael Qaissaunee who is the Director, Mid-Atlantic Institute for Telecommunications Technologies and a professor at Brookdale Community College. Mike has some great ideas about technical education and the convergence of learning and technology. Visit Mike at Frequently Asked Q. His post on visual literacy, "Beyond tables, pie charts and bar charts" is well worth the visit.

So, check out these interesting thinkers, stop by their blogs and leave a comment or two.

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