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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Design: Rapid E-Learning

Just because you are creating Rapid E-Learning, that doesn't mean it needs to be boring e-learing. Follow these tips to increase the "applicability" of your rapid e-learning to the learner's job.

  • Specifically point out how the learning will impact the learner's job (if you don't know this, don't create the instruction.)

  • Show the learner the WIIFM. (What's In It For Me). Let them know that the learning can and will make the job easier/faster/more profitable.

  • Create the instruction to solve the learners problems. Making the learner "aware" of something is not enough, (aware of FDA concerns)...create action items. (You have a problem inspecting the vials, here is how to solve it to be in compliance with FDA regulations...

  • Creatively use media, you don't always need a graphic in the right corner and text on the left, use a graphic that takes up the entire screen with text over top or use a single screen with one line of text to make a point. Be creative within the context of the work environment.

Here is a post with more Rapid E-Learning ideas.

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