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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Out and About: Rapid E-Learning of Interest

Thank you to everyone who attended ASTD's Rapid E-Learning Seminar. The desire to learn more about rapid e-learning is obvious, we had the largest ASTD Webinar attendance to date, over 650 individuals.

Allison Rossett did a wonderful job of talking about the Big Tent of e-learning and how we need to expand our thinking beyond courses to performance support systems. She also made an excellent point that some things cannot be taught rapidly. Sometimes "time" is an instructional methodology. She provided wonderful examples of blending learning into the workflow for rapid learning on the job.

I discussed the importance of instructional strategies (suprise, suprise) and how rapid e-learning doesn't need to be boring e-learning. I call that the Z-factor...even though it is rapid, you can still make it interesting with large images, engaging activities, thoughtful scenarios and questions that make the learner think.

Also, templates are an important aid in developing rapid instruction and I stressed the importance of having a toolkit of templates, reusable engines and other development that aids can shorten the creation process for e-learning.

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atmaserikandi said...

Can you please explain to me the Big Tent of E-learning that you have mentioned above? It look like interesting to explore e-learning.