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Monday, February 12, 2007

Design: Level One E-Learning Questions

Rarely are e-learning courses evaluated at the reaction level (level 1). The level that provides face validity to the content and measures customer satisfaction.

I have created a short list of questions related to level 1 e-learning evaluations but would really like some input on other questions that might be appropriate at the end of an e-learning class. Please feel free to add some of those questions as a comment to this blog or write a posting on your own blog and I'll link.

Here is what I have so far:
  • How relevant was the course content to your job?
  • How effectively will you be able to apply what you’ve learned to your job?
  • How closely does the content match the tasks you perform on a daily basis?
  • How valuable will the content be in helping you to better perform your job?
  • How convenient did you find the online learning module?
  • Rate the ease-of-navigation of the online learning module?

I place most of these questions on a Likert-type scale. (1-5 with 1 being good and 5 rerepresenting bad)

I realize the questions are only the learner's opinion after a learning event, however, I believe some merit can be given to the learner's opinion:)

What questions might you ask?

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BARTON said...

The first question I've asked:
"Overall, on a scale from 1 to 10, would you say it was a good experience or bad experience?"

Then I follow it up with good/bad "Learning experience". In my PhD program, the answer to question one is usually a 1-4. With my undergrads, it's more of a 3-7. Answer two usually sees a small increase for both crowds.

Should we care if they aren't having a good EXPERIENCE, but are having an above average LEARNING experience?

Unfortunately, I get the impression a lot of designers don't ask, or simply don't care, about question one. I guess it's the gamer/net-gener in me, but I care quite a bit about the overall experience (in addition to the learning experience).

Karl Kapp said...


Bravo, good but simple question. Experience is important.

Us said...

I find it interesting to hear that level 1 is not evaluated in e-learning as it seems to be the most popular and often only form of evaluation for f2f training.

Something that I noticed while reading through your questions is that the first 4 that you offer seem to set up or at least give a notion as to the motivation to actually change on the job behaviors which will be measured (perhaps) at level 3.

I also find that the Likert-type scale would seem to give a better indication than true/false questioning. Even without the level one being able stand the rigor of statistical analysis, the Likert-type responses can allow for some educated assumptions.