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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Implementation: Evaluating Collaboration

One of the goals of Web 2.0 and other technologies is to foster collaboration. But, there seems to be an issue with how many people actually collaborate. According to many sources, less than 1% of the people who visit blogs or wikis actually contribute or collaborate with the author of the wiki or blog. This is called the 1% rule.

One of the major issues with collaboration in an academic or even a corporate setting is determining how to evaluate each individual's contribution to the overall collaboration. How do you ensure equal participation? How to you judge one person's work against another?

One answer is to create a collaboration rubric: Here are examples of several collaboration rubrics.
Collaboration Rubric 1
Collaboration Rubric 2
Collaboration Rubric 3

None are perfect but they can be the basis for building your own tool that begins to approach the concept of evaluating collaboration within your classroom or organization.

Much like the old saying "you get what you measure." Perhaps if collaboration were better measured, more true collaboration would occur.

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