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Friday, August 13, 2010

MATEC Webinar Notes and Slides: Social Media and Student Success

I am giving a presentation today at 1:00 EDT. Called Social Media and Student Success:Leveraging Social Learning Tools. It will last for 90 minutes. It is free and if you want to attend click here to register.

Here is a short description.
Extend student learning beyond the traditional classroom by leveraging the creative power of social media tools to foster student success, learning, and engagement. Discover ways to integrate these tools into your teaching process to engage, excite, and connect with students.

And here you will find the slides for the presentation and a few links to some interesting entries to support the presentation.

Create a Vibrant Learning Community--A social networking and learning really starts and stops with the concept of Community.

Using Social Media to Track the Nation's Mood--what Tweets have to say about our mood.

Will Social Media Blend--Ok, this is a parody but it's funny:)

Selling Social Media for Learning--Corporate focus but good advice for educational organizations as well.

Blog or Wiki--A discussion on when to use a blog vs. a wiki.

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Kerry M said...

I'm so sorry I missed this! Did you record it?