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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Great List of Game Resources

If you have any interest in video game-based learning, you need to check out the post over at Upside Learning.

The post titled Top 100 Learning Game Resources is a list of wonderful links to all kinds of insightful resources.

Check it out and I was pleased that some of my contributions made the list.

I also think that some good, ole fashion technology like a book would be a good resource as well.


Catalog of Recommended Books, Games and Gadgets
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Recommended Books
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Unknown said...

Yup i am very much interested in video game-based learning learn with play wow super cool..
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Unknown said...

In going to your link to Upside Learning, I came across this interesting presentation given by Seth Priebatsch of Scavengers. He talks about four different dynamics in what he calls the Game Layer now under construction in this decade. Ineteresting stuff, check it out.