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Monday, August 31, 2009

Training Blogging Over There Also

It seems that I am now blogging all over the place. I now a Featured Blogger and am writing a periodic blog over at TrainingIndustry. The blog is called The Tech Dimension and will expand on idea and concepts related to integrating technology into the learning process. The first entry is called Understanding New Learning Technologies.

Stop by and check out some definitions and ideas related to Web 2.0 learning technologies. They are the fundamentals you'll need to understand Web 2.0 Learning technologies and the potential impact on learning within an organization.

So, while I am blogging at other places, know that I will continue this as my "home base" of blogging and will point you toward my other entries as appropriate.

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Anonymous said...

Вот это действительно то что я искал. Спасибо

Ethan Waldman said...

Karl- Congrats on the blogging gig at . You should really bug them to set an rss feed for your new blog!