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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What e-Learning Tools are You Using

In our survey out how long it takes to develop one hour of training, we also asked about what e-learning tools were being used. The results were interesting and are shown below. The two most widely used tools were MS PowerPoint and MS Word.

What tools do you use?

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Cammy Bean said...

There's a difference between what tools people are using to publish e-Learning vs. storyboard/design. Do you think anyone is publishing e-learning in Word? (Maybe job aids...)

Just thinking out loud here and wondering if the question could be phrased differently...

Blogger In Middle-earth said...

Kia ora Cammy Bean!

Though it's NOT my choice, preferred or recommended medium for eLearning, Word is being used at TCS and has been for a number of years.

It is favoured by those 20th century practitioners who adhere to using email like superglue sticks to a clean surface.

Frankly, it is really only suitable for holding images and links and now some audio. But I recall using pdf in 2001 with a modicum of success for special purposes, in much the same way as Word can now be used.

My major criticism of its use was initiated before broadband hit New Zealand, when a Word document with a few poorly optimised images and some other fancy things embedded resulted in a file size that could sink a battleship!

My preferred file type for this sort of thing, if I had to use it, was html. Used appropriately it beats many other file types hands down on compatibility, file size and other attributes. I have used it on rare occasions in recent years.

I have never used Word as an eLearning tool.

Catchya later

Karl Kapp said...

Cammy and Ken,

Thanks for the comment.

Cammy, you have a point, I should probably re-phrase but I have seen PDF files used as e-learning as indicated by Ken and some companies do post Word documents and call that "e-learning" aaaahhhh.

However, I agree with a re-phrase of the question. And maybe more exploration of the tools.


e-learing solutions said...

I use MS Word and PDF. E learning helps the students understand things easily without any hustle at the comfort of their home or anywhere they like to study.