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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Second Life at the Movies

It was bound to happen, a full-feature length movie in Second Life...oops, sorry, it hasn't happened yet...but you heard it here first.

Click here for the SLURL if you want to check out Hollywood, Second Life.(you need to have a Second Life avatar to visit.)

However, what has happened is that HBO has acquired the rights to a short-form documentary shot entirely within Second Life. It will be interesting to see where Second Life goes from here in terms of movies. We are familiar with machinimia but a full-length will be interesting.

Here is a quote from the article HBO Buys Film Made in Second Life.
HBO, the premium channel owned by Time Warner, paid a six-figure sum for the rights...the documentary is scheduled for release in 2008. [Also CBS]...will feature footage shot within Second Life in an upcoming episode of its popular show CSI.
Lot going on with machinimia made into main stream movies. Also, I recently discussed using Second Life for training with three large Fortune 100 companies. The hype has died down but serious interest still exists for the medium.

Also, in Second Life News...

Jeff Cobb posted an interesting link about Second Life with a lot of good links to other information about Second Life. He also lays out some interesting pros and cons in his posting Second Life Second Hand.

Might it not be possible to create a full length training video in Second Life or a safety video without paying actors, setting up lighting or worrying about buying/renting costumes?

You can find way more than just movies online considering the ridiculously wide variety of stuff there is online, such as free online gaming available to anyone. Whether you want to find reviews on textbooks or you just really want to play a game just keep trying and you'll find what you want.

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Stan Yann said...

I don't know if you saw the previews but next week's episode of CSI: NY includes footage done in Second Life.