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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Blog Book Tour: Week Two Happenings

If you haven't seen the postings on the blog book tour for this week, you need to check them out.

Day Six: 09/17/07 - Enspire Learning's Corporate Blog This entry was great because it provided an opportunity to play a simulation. I hope you took advantage of that offer.

Day Seven: 09/18/07 -Mark Oehlert's e-clippings(Learning as Art). Mark's stop was week 2, stop 2 a high pressure stop. Mark gave some insights into his review of the book before it was even published. He provided over 18 pages of comments that really fueled alot of the ideas and insights into the book. Thanks Mark.

Day Eight: 09/19/07 - Mike Qaissaunee's Frequently Asked Q writes a post These Kids are Wired Differently. Mike tells a great story about his daughter and then gives a fantatic list of free games and game resources which would make Jane Bozarth proud.

Day Nine: 09/20/07 - Jane Bozarath's Bozarathzone...Speaking of Jane, she writes an entry Its GGG...REAT Karl Kapp's Book Tour Week Two. She likes the idea of championing the gamers who are sometimes looked down upon by the "boomers." Jane should be going on a book tour soon, she has a couple of books in the works herself.

In addition to the list above, we've had some awesome additions to the tour as well. Stop by and leave a comment. I especially find Jeff Cobb's interesting since he dove into the marketing aspect of the blog book tour itself. Interesting perspective and insights.Stop by one of the stops and join the discussion.

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