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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Blog Book Tour: Week One Recap

Talk about a fun week with plenty of activities and discussions about gamers, cheat codes, teaching the new generation of learners and labels.

Week One kicked off strongly with A podcast interview with Brent Schlenker. He and I discussed the book, the boomer/gamer knowledge gap and the blog book tour. Have a listen.

Then on day two Tom King over at Mobilemind posted a great piece which provide a quick, high level view of the book and then provided a great strategy for reading the book if you only have a little bit of time (ok, ok it did get long) Check out his laugh-out-loud post...Cheat This Book-Gadgets, Games and Gizmos.

Next Cammy's Bean at Learning Visions started with a single post Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning. It is long, thorough and totally complete. Great summary of the entire book...maybe she works for Cliff Notes?

But then she didn't stop...she added another post...Women, Gaming & The Guild Master Ceiling. A great post about the perception of women and gaming, she and I have had "words" before on this topic and it sparked a great discussion. (See The Real World, Second Life and Facebook/MySpace the comments to see our points of disagreement).

But she still didn't stop. She has now posted a poll...Are you a gamer?...go answer the poll and leave a comment about your answer. Once again, a good conversation was sparked. Join in at Are You a Gamer?

Then Rupa from Writer's Gateway created a post called Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning-My Thoughts on Chapter 1. She provides a great perspective and indicates that learning is successful only when the learner is engaged...I agree.

Tony O’ Driscoll who recently changed jobs, had taken a little break from the blogosphere but came back to be a stop on the tour and now he is back for good under the same banner but not longer with IBM catch up with what Tony is doing at Learning Matters. Also, check out his stop on the tour Blog Book Tour Stop: Gadgets, Games and Gizmos talks about how kids provide great insight into new learning technologies and techniques. His kids are younger than mine but watch out Tony. Soon they will out "gadget, game and gizmo" you.

The week ended with Phil Charron from Learning Simulations leaving two posts (trying to keep up with Cammy.) First is GGG4L-Blog Book Tour I. (he coined GGG4L as a shortcut, wish I'd thought of it...brilliant.) His second tour stop is, simple enough, GGG4L-Blog Book Tour II.

Also, an honorable mention to Christy Tucker from Experiencing E-Learning who left comments at several of the blog tour stops...look for her stop coming up!

So, take a moment and recap the fun and exciting tour, we had a great time and hope you'll join us for the discussion next week and the week after. You can see the tour next week at the following locations:

Week Two

Day Six: 09/17/07 - Enspire Learning's Corporate Blog

Day Seven: 09/18/07 -Mark Oehlert's e-clippings(Learning as Art)

Day Eight: 09/19/07 - Mike Qaissaunee's Frequently Asked Q

Day Nine: 09/20/07 - Jane Bozarath's Bozarathzone

Day Ten: 09/21/07 - Brent Schlenker's Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

Then you can see the tour at these other locations the next week.

Week Three

Day Eleven: 09/24/07 - Ben Hamilton's Learning Design and Performance Improvement

Day Twelve: 09/25/07 - Christy Tucker's Experiencing E-Learning

Day Thirteen: 09/26/07 - Gordon Snyder's Information and Communications Technology Blog

Day Fourteen: 09/27/07 - Shalin Hai-Jew's IDOS Blog

Day Fifteen: 09/28/07 - Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning Interview with Kevin Kruse.

If you are enjoying the discussion, consider picking up a copy of Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning for yourself and joining in the conversation.

Or, Check out the books web site

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Phil Charron said...

GGG4L is more because I still can't remember the order of the G's...

Great book tour!

Anonymous said...

Phil, I liked the abbreviation too. I've been thinking that we should have figured out a tag for all the posts to make it easier to subscribe to a feed. I did a Technorati search for "karl kapp book tour" and that seems to be picking up most of the posts though.

As for the comments, I guess I haven't felt inspired to write a full post on anything this week so far. So, I'm spending my time commenting instead. Besides, there's been a lot of interesting posts to comment on!

Cammy Bean said...

Well, I didn't intend to be such an overachiever with my assignment here...but the fact is, I'm truly engaged in all the conversations and enjoying it immensely!

Nick said...

Learning a new word , a Boomer and earning 5 points :) , very nice content but by the way what is the difference between a boomer and a gamer?!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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