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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Metanomics Presentation Photographs

Today, Tony and Karl gave an interview as part of the Learning in 3D Blog book tour at Metanomics

Tony has spoken with the group several times. It was a lively presentation with great audience participation and interaction. Many good points and research mentioned by attendees and lively chat discussion. Here are some images from the presenter's perspective.

Had to find just the right shirt
 to wear (settled on the famous blue one)
and I was told I needed shoes (insurance reasons).

Now, all dressed and waiting for the event to start.

Audience slowly begins to arrive.

Lots of avatars in attendance for discussion.

A bird's eye view of the show.

Robert (aka Beyers Sellers) asks 
Tony and Karl about learning archetypes.

Beyers giving a thoughtful wrap up of the discussion.

All in all a great stop on the tour with engaging discussion and thoughtful questions.

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