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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blog Book Tour Recap Week Five: Immersive

Week five was a busy week with a webinar about Learning in 3D sponsored by Booz Allen Hamilton and guest appearance on the popular and innovative Metanomics in-world TV show. The tour had great stops this week as well as a couple more "misses" but it is still a lot of fun and seems to be picking up steam as the tour moves forward. Here is a quick recap of this week's activities--starting with the live events.

The first live stop this week was with Dan Bliton and Charles Gluck of Booz Allen Hamilton who had Tony and Karl to present a webinar entitled "Enterprise Learning and Collaboration in 3D Virtual Worlds." The presentation was attended by over 100 people (not too bad in the middle of Snowmageddon).

You can see some screen captures of the presentation at Images from Resources for "Enterprise Learning and Collaboration in 3D Virtual Worlds" Webinar and you can get the slides and a list of resources related to the presentation at Images from "Enterprise Learning and Collaboration in 3D Virtual Worlds" Webinar. The recording of the entire webinar will be made available shortly and I'll post it so you can check out the webinar.

Tony and Karl talk about "Learning in 3D"
The second live stop this week was at Metanomics where Tony and I appeared to discuss the book.

An image of our discussion is below and you can see some photographs I took at Metanomics Presentation Photographs. To see a recording of the show go to archive for Learning in 3D--Immersive Environments in Training and Education.

Recap of Blog Stops

Day Twenty-One John Rice at the Educational Games Research blog wrote a post titled New 3D Learning Book by Karl Kapp. Make sure you check out the post and the comments, he generated a great discussion about technology in schools.

Day Twenty-Two This was the stop at Booz Allen Hamilton discussed above.

Day Twenty-Three Connie Malamed at the The eLearning Coach and the stop at Metanomics. At The eLearning Coach, Connie wrote a post titled Your Brain on 3D. The post described how thinking about 3D has rewired her brain and then gave some pointed examples of affordances of 3D. Check it out, it is a great read and check out the rest of her site, some great stuff.

Day Twenty-Four This stop was missed.

Day Twenty-Five This stop was a book review of Learning in 3D and will be available in the near future.

Recap of all the tour stops so far:
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