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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Blog Book Tour Recap Week Four: Interesting

Week four was a busy week with an interesting development in the virtual world space. The biggest news was that Forterra Systems assets and intellectual property was sold to SAIC and about a dozen Forterra employees will be joining SAIC.

In the book tour we had some interesting stops but a few stops were missed as well.

Day Sixteen Gordon Snyder's at Information & Communications Technology Blog brought in the interesting idea of Cyberbullies in a virtual world and the impact they can have and did have on a young girl and the tragic results. It was a moving post.

Day Seventeen Over at Koreen Olbrich's Learning in Tandem she discussed her interesting and, as she calls it, "fanatical rantings" about about the future of virtual worlds and how those view fit into the context of the book in her post Why You Should Be Learning in 3D.

Day Eighteen Bart Pursel at Virtual Learning Worlds wrote an indepth post describing three area of virtual worlds: User Interfaces, Informal Learning and Characters.

Day Nineteen Clive Shepherd at Clive on Learning wrote a post a little early since he was leaving for a little vacation in the Canary Islands. His post is called Learning in 3D: a stop on the world blog book tour.

Day Twenty We didn't have a post on Day 20. Unfortunately, Tom Werner who has a Brandon Hall Research blog wasn't able to post this week but hopefully we'll see a post from Tom in the near future. Also, Course Director Daniel M. Siegel of Full Sail University will be posting in the future at his blog Captivation in Education.

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This week Kapp Notes was named as one of the Top 50 Global Education Blogs by Sir Learnalot, I am sure the blog book tour played some part in that recognition. Thanks Sir Learnalot!

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