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Monday, February 01, 2010

Learning in 3D Week 4 Stops for Blog Book Tour

Here are the great stops for week 4 of the blog book tour.

Also, follow the tour on Twitter with hashtag #lrn3d. And, join us on Facebook at the Learning in 3D page.

Tour Stops

Day Sixteen 02/01/10 Gordon Snyder's blog Information & Communications Technology Blog

Day Seventeen 02/02/10 Koreen Olbrich's Learning in Tandem

Day Eighteen 02/03/10 Bart Pursel at Virtual Learning Worlds.

Day Nineteen 02/04/10 Clive Shepherd(already posted due to a vacation) Learning in 3D: a stop on the world blog book tour

Day Twenty 02/05/10 Tom Werner who has a Brandon Hall Research blog.

***With special guest blog this week by Course Director Daniel M. Siegel of Full Sail University at his blog Captivation in Education

Also, on Feb 9th, a free webinar called Enterprise Learning and Collaboration in 3D Virtual Worlds will be presented by Tony and I courtesy of Booz Allen Hamilton. They invite book tour followers to attend the complimentary Webinar.

Join us on Tuesday, February 9th to learn:
  • Value of Social Learning for your organization
  • The impact of Virtual Immersive Environments
  • 3D Learning Experience Design Principles and Sensibilities
Tony and I will cover key concepts from our new book and explain the impact that 3D environments, virtual worlds, and immersive learning spaces will have on society, business, and learning. Specifically, we will discuss practical, research-based recommendations and techniques for integrating existing training and business into productive 3D virtual work environments. The 45 minute session includes a presentation by the authors and conversation with the hosts, followed by 10 minutes of questions and answers with the audience. 

The event is Tuesday, February 9, 2010 12:30 to 1:30 pm ET
Register HERE!

Recap In case you missed the first three weeks, here is a recap.
Blog Book Tour Recap Week One: Awesome!
Blog Book Tour Recap Week Two: Fabulous!!
Blog Book Tour Recap Week Three: hectic

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