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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Top 5 Funny and Semi-Learning Related Videos

Holidays can stress people out, so here are some lighthearted, funny videos that can add a smile to your face. Also, if you choose to think deeper about the content and how it applies to designing instruction and delivering instruction in our modern, fast-paced world...some are actually quite profound...enjoy.

Number 5: Wii Fit Parody


Here is my original blog post on Wii Fit Parody. Why in the Semi-Training Related series? Because it reminds me of the hype of "oh-so-many" training programs dreamed up by management.

Number 4: Second Life in Real Life

Why is it in the Semi-Training Related series? Because there is a lot of hype around 3D worlds like Second Life but many of the activities in those worlds are a little goofy...even if I do think 3D worlds actually are the future for teaching certain topics online.

Number 3: YouTube Contest Challenges Users To Make A 'Good' Video

YouTube Contest Challenges Users To Make A 'Good' Video

Here is my original post on this social media improvement effort. Why is it in the Semi-Training Related series? Because it makes you think that perhaps you need a few parameters for helping people within your organization understand the best way to post Social Media-type entries into your corporate YouTube, Wiki or Blogs. We want to encourage users to create their own "learning events" but we as ISD folks need to create some parameters around that process.

Number 2: Death Star Help Desk Interview

Here is my original post on the Death Star Help Desk post. Why is it in the Semi-Training Related series? Because training and "help desks" are so intertwined and helpdesk issues, if tracked properly, become part of training...but some things just can't be "trained." And because I've made the "ID Ten T" error millions of times.

Number 1: Building a "Stop Sign"

This video is in the semi-training collection because it is so scary...its funny.
I love this line, "We are primarily targeting women but also targeting men secondarily"...It seems client always wants online learning to teach as much information to as many people as possible but still...they always have some sort of "target audience" in mind (and then they wonder why the online learning isn't as effective as it could be??)

So, anyone who has worked with an instructional design or training client has encountered this scenario. I love the women who announces that "Fire Engine" Red is owned by the fire company...a stakeholder arises out of nowhere and changes the scope...oh I've so been there. That is why this is the number one Top 5 Funny and Semi-Learning Related Video.

Here is my original post on Building a Stop Sign.

Hope you got a laugh out of the videos and that they made you think a little about learning events...let's not take ourselves too seriously and let's always have fun.

If you know of other funny semi-learning related videos, please post a link in the comments...share the laughs.

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Mark T. Burke said...

The STOP sign development is awesome. I also love the line -- "We need a stronger call to action so they know what to do AFTER the stopping action."

This meeting sounded too much like many I have taken part in -- seriously! The part that is eerily familiar to me is last meeting, where the client member appears out of nowhere. It is a great example of how often solution meetings are derailed by random thoughts, desires etc. by people who have little to no background on the subject interjecting top of mind thoughts or "new" data.

I can honestly say -- this is more real than we would like to think!

Karl Kapp said...


Yes...this video is great at expressing the trials and tribulations of working with a client.

Maybe this video should be required viewing for all potential clients.)

jay said...

Beautiful. I'm going to swipe this one to use when I explain corporate instructional design. Thanks, Karl.

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Anonymous said...

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