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Monday, December 08, 2008

Cost Consious Gift Idea

It is always so hard to determine what type of corporate or academic gift is appropriate for clients, co-workers collegue or your boss? What do you get them that is not too expensive but not too inexpensive, that is business or instructionally-focused but not boring. With these tough economic times, such decisions can be difficult.

However, I think the perfect answer is Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning., it is fun but serious, informative but easy-to-read, insightful but not overly academic. Check it out as a gift for yourself, your entire team or your client.

Here is what ASTD's Magazine, T&D had to say about Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning.
[This book, like others, talks about] the impending retirement of baby boomers and how companies are dealing with the critical knowledge transfer that needs to take place.

But what makes this book different is its unique approach to the knowledge-transfer issue...This book is a valuable resource for any business looking to find practical solutions to the boomer-gamer knowledge-transfer gap. It reveals new methods and tools that are being used successfully in a variety of settings, including Flash mobs and cheat codes, video iPods, instant messaging and blogging.

Several of people I know from the field have sent copies to clients and co-workers as gifts. So if you need a last minute gift...


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Zach Fought said...

Great plug for your book Dr. Kapp. The Managing Multimedia class has truly opened my eyes to how we can potentially apply all that you write of in your books into are real world work environments.
When I first started the MSIT program I wasn’t very interested in games for learning for all I had experienced was elementary. Now that I have been exposed to the thinking found in your book and some of the amazing educational games being created I cannot imagine a future without highly developed educational games.
If we apply great creativity and the scientific basis of learning models to the creation of these games there effectives will be an amazing sight to behold. Thank you for reminding me that sending a book is really all right, I do it every year anyway, even my 3 year old accuses me of only ever buying her books, oh well. What could be better? A 3D interactive book!

Karl Kapp said...


Thanks for the comment. Maybe you should buy your 3 year old a game in addition to the copy of my book you are, of course, planning on giving her this Christmas. :)

Lael Trent said...

I think Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning is a great idea for a gift this Christmas, am going to gift it to 2 friends, while for my colleagues I’ve already ordered the ipod, they all love music. Will load some of their favourite music before giving it to them. Incase you’ve interested in gifting ipods too check out this link

Anonymous said...

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