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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

For Sale---Test Space

Well commercialization has finally impacted something as neutral and seemingly advertisement free as a student's math test. A calculus teacher in San Diego, California sells ads on his test papers: $10 for a quiz, $20 for a chapter test and $30 for a semester final.

Check out the USA Today article Ads on tests add up for teacher for more price quotes and information. But why stop at tests? Imagine for a moment, negotiating with a business minded educator such as myself...

If you are curious, yes, I will accept advertisement payment for tests, homework assignments, quizzes, even space on my PowerPoint slides. In fact, my forehead and even my stomach area are available for ad space as are the bottom of my shoes and the back of my knees. In fact, if you pay me enough I'll just pass out ads to students without any educational value. If you want a billboard in my classroom, give me a call. Also, the sides of my car are available

But on tests? Not Good.

In fact schools are a little too commercial as is...on the other hand if state, local and federal government keeps underfunding education, what are the alternatives?

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Mark said...

,,,,,and, if you visit one of the ads and purchase a product or service, I will award you 5 bonus points....

I would imagine that will be next!

Joe Mendrzycki said...


I have two questions:

1. What's wrong with this? and
2. Have you driven a Ford, lately? (

If you click on the link I will have lunch money for tomorrow! :-D

Karl Kapp said...

Joe and Mark,

Mark, no kidding.

And Joe, see Mark's comment for what I think is the possible next step as the result of ads on tests or PowerPoint or whatever, like my forehead...(so that answers your first question) and as for a Ford...not lately. But I will click on for Lunch Money.

Thanks for the comments guys!

Vijay Vukkalam said...

Cost of education has risen to levels that higher education is almost unaffordable to low income students.
Please check the following link
US colleges getting unaffordable
Even this increase has not been able to quench the thirst of already starving educational system which bore the brunt of bad governance and economic conditions. Colleges are hardly able to breathe let alone think about grants for research.
Businesses are able to track this problem to their advantage by endorsing their products in colleges.
I did hear in the past a professor sold space on the class to endorse products which are in no way related to education.
I agree that education is also a business but it serves a good cause. Professors have the right to endorse products but they must make sure the products they sell are in some way related to education this way they would help build a positive environment.

Zach Fought said...

Wow, and I thought Coke and Pepsi's advertising war in schools was bad! I can't believe commercialization has reached this level. I just wonder what these schools think the value of education is, an advertising opportunity? Competition for attention has never been so great. Love the ideal of tattoo adverts, good laugh!

Anonymous said...

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