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Friday, September 21, 2007

Today's Stop: Brent Schlenker's Corporate Elearning Development

Today, you can check out the second interview I've had with Brent over at Corporate ELearning Strategies and Development. The posting is GGG 4 Lrng - Gamers lower the Boom! it includes both an audio broadcast of the interview featuring a discussion with Brent, myself and Cammy Bean from Learning was a great discussion.

And, as an additional bonus...Brent also features a little "rant" about the boomers...apparently he is not very happy with this particular demographic group, in fact, I think he is a little upset with ya'all. (for another recent rant discussion, see He Had a Bad Day : eLearning Technology)

Me, in terms of boomers, I can see his point but, I'm a little more live and let live and more concerned with getting the knowledge from many of the boomers to the gamers (at least some of that knowledge...some of the more critical knowledge) but that is the beauty of a blog book tour, you get to hear many opinions and not just mine.

Also, check out an interview I did with two other blog book stops, fellow academics Mike Qaissaunne at Frequently Asked Q and Gordon Synder at his ICT Blog team interviewed me a while back about the book, you can listen to the interview called 10 Questions with Karl Kapp.

Have a great weekend and if you feel compelled, please drop a comment on some of the blog stops.

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1 comment:

bschlenker said...

Yeah. Sorry about the rant ;-) It was very late and I was feeling edgy.
But seriously my point is that many Boomers stopped being valuable the minute they decided to sell out their passion for the glory of the management track. They lost their edge years ago and their knowledge that at one time was quite valuable is no longer necessary.
Of course I am generalizing in major way and that can be dangerous...especially during a "rant" with no data for support.
I can only speak of my perception from personal experiences and conversations with peers.
I promise no more rants about the topic...I'm done. And I feel much better ;-)
Thanks for letting me participate in the tour. This is really cool!