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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back to School Assignment

In keeping with the Back to School theme, his week over at the TrainingDay blog, my post is called Back to School Special. The post discusses what learning professionals should be thinking about as students head back to classes. As professionals, we always need to keep learning and the posting provides "homework" to help with the learning process.

Stop by the site and leave a comment, you could win a free book.

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Joe Mendrzycki said...

Here at Harrisburg Area Community College, we see students arriving, EXPECTING to see technology in place in the classroom. Whether it be offering enhanced or blended courses using Blackboard or supplementing learning with Podcasts, Faculty are being reminded by students that they want to have access to the technology. I've created learning content with Camtasia and posted it to our CMS, and the feedback is always positive. The opportunity to access content when and where the learner needs it is the new expectation in the learning environment.

Shamblesguru said...

Lots of "Back to School" advice for teachers (k-12 mainly) at

BUT ... who have the real challenge are not the 'Back to School" teachers but the "My First Time Going to School" teachers .... to whom I wish good luck ... that first day can be really stressful ... but it does get better ... MUCH MUCH better. ;-)

Also some resources for those first time teachers at

Have fun

Karl Kapp said...

Thanks for your insight about student expectations. Interesting.

Couldn't agree with you more, I remember my first day in the classroom, I was a wreck, still get nervous the first class every semester. Also, great resources for teachers and educators in general. Thanks!