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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fall 2009 Corporate Advisory Event Starts Today

Today marks the beginning of one of my favorite events of the year. Our annual Corporate Advisory Council (CAC) event. This is an event where students of instructional technology have a conference with professionals in the field where they can learn, exchange ideas and select students for jobs and internships. It is a great win-win event.

This semester we have over 35 individuals representing 31 different companies including representatives from Kodak, KPMG, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Tyco Electronics, Vanguard, Northrop Grumman and others are in attendance. Including several entrepreneurial companies started by alumni of the program. The first day the corporations will present to the students and each other. On the second day students will present solutions to a mock Request for Proposals (RFP) while the CAC members evaluate their presentations and on the third day students will interview for internships and job opportunities.

Here is a brief synopsis of the RFP the students will be answering this semester. The focus of the RFP is on developing a “Training System” for the introduction of a new product from the fictitious Big Power Tool Company (BPTC). The RFP has opportunities for product training, sales training, e-learning, hands-on instructor-led elements, multiple languages and follow up training. As well as training geared toward experts and novices and the opportunity for students to offer a solution using Web 2.0 and social media solutions.

And, as an added bonus, this year we are going to be streaming live the presentations by our CAC members on Wed (today).

Here is a list of the presenter and link to the streaming video. This is new this semester so we'll see how it works. Also, you should be able to even email in questions using this system so if something is of interest, drop an email. All times are Eastern Standard.

Dr. Phillips Kicks Off the Meeting
Welcome and Introductions (12:15 PM) Dr. Karl Kapp and Timothy Phillips (if you had to miss something, this might be it.)

Carl Siedel of AXIOM Professional Health Learning (12:30 PM -1:00 PM)(not available for streaming)

Jen talks about a virtual preceptorship.

Carl answers a question.

Jason W. Smith of KWConnect (1:00-1:30)

Jason introduces himself and the company. 
Talking about developing training to
 build relationships and communications.

Jason discusses different types
 of training his company delivers.

Screen shot from Jason's streaming presentation.
Ahaa about e-learning
-They are benchmarking you against the web (
-Videos 3-5 minutes
-How does the content help me right now
-Don't bore me (passionate, engaging or I'll leave)
-Let me share it.

Mark Burke of ViaAcademies (1:30-2:00)

Mark talks about 
online music education at viaAcademies 

Mark explaining how he has integrated several 
different technologies to teach music online.

Anna Griffith of Discovery Machine (2:15-2:45)

Anna and her presentation in the streaming interface.

Anna talking about mapping expertise.

Anna answering questions from the audience.

Experts can always identify mistakes new learners make.

Chris Reichart of Zerion Software (2:45-3:15)

Chris highlights some features of their iPhone applications.

Game engine that started it all.

Map of users of one of the applications developed.

Check out more iPhone applications at Zerion Software.

Sherry Engel of Performance Development Group (3:15-3:45)

Sherry talks about forecasting ROI. 

Sherry from the Performance Development Group
 emphasizes that learning must support business goals.

John Menapace of Menapace Productions (3:45-4:15)

John shows his learning product to walk a 
student through the writing process.

John talking about the patterns of teaching.

Cliff Sobel of The Phoenix Group (4:15-4:45)

Cliff and Rhonda talk about interactivity and engagement.

Rhonda talks about Cannon Live Learning.

Cliff describes The Phoenix Group.

Great presentations today, thanks to all the great presenters. I'll be posting the download information shortly so you can check out the presentations at your convenience.

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Anonymous said...

Very excited about the live streaming! I'll be checking in

Joe Pointer said...

Thanks for sharing! I wish I could be there in person.

Unknown said...

Will the MediaSite streamed presentations from today be available to preview later?

Karl Kapp said...

Thanks everyone for following the CAC event.

Yes, the streamed presentations will be available. Look for details in the near future.

Anonymous said...

I was unable to attend Wednesday, but was able to watch everyone later, even one of them live, so this was a very useful tool.