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Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday Learning Gift Ideas

It's Cyber Monday and you are wondering, "What gifts can I give a Learning and Development professional that are informative, reasonably priced and will make an impact?" Well, here are a couple of biased ideas.

Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning

Wondering how to convince those hard-to-reach managers about the importance of using online games and mobile devices for learning? Wondering how to impact the "gamer generation" with meaningful instruction? Wondering about instructional strategies for mobile devices, blogs and wikis? Then this book is for you. Written in a fun and readable fashion, it was noted at a conference once that this book "Is thick as a phone book but reads like a Dan Brown novel." If you want to understand some of the conflict between boomers and the new generation of "gamers" or Gen Y, this book is a must. Makes a great gift for a client or a co-worker who you want to have understand that the word "game" is not a four letter word in learning and development circles.

Learning in 3D

This book isn't out yet but why not get that certain someone a pre-gift. A book that is not yet released will be the gift that keeps on giving when it arrives in January. This book discusses how 3D learning environments will revolutionize learning and development efforts as we know it. Give that instructional designer or executive the information she needs to make informed and well thought out arguments concerning why 3D is so essential for future learning. The book contains ideas from over a dozen thought leaders as well as case studies illustrating the value of 3D for learning. If you are curious about this subject or want to implement a 3D learning environment in 2010 this is the book to give.

Winning E-Learning Proposals
Give the gift of money (or at least the next best thing.) If 2010 is the year you want your team to win more e-learning business and recover from the tough times of the last two year then this book can help guide your way back to profitability. This book has been used by many respected leaders in the field of e-learning to help them win business and create exciting and dynamic e-learning solutions. The book highlights the step-by-step process for developing winning proposals and highlights the different elements of a winning proposal. A must read for the salesperson who wants a leg up on the competition in 2010.

Integrated Learning for ERP Success
This is the most obscure of the gift ideas and will only have meaning for a special person. If you know someone who is implementing a manufacturing-focused Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system then this is the book for them. Or if you know someone who wants to own a book that few others have read, this book could be the one. It contains detailed, step-by-step information on how to craft a training program to support the process of a large scale implementation within a manufacturing organization. The information is written specifically for manufacturing but is applicable in almost any environment that requires a large implementation effort.

So there you have it, four gift ideas for Cyber Monday. Why not be a maverick and give the entire gift set of all four books for that learning development professional who has everything except these four soon to be classics:)

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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Why not be a maverick and give the entire gift set of all four books for that learning development professional who has everything except these four soon to be classics:)-- hell, I agree. I'll purchase these eLearning good stuff later. Thanks for letting me know.