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Friday, January 23, 2009

President's Get's a Cool New Phone..Or Maybe Not

Sectera Edge and all its functions.

The new President of the United States is a self-confessed techno-savvy person who loves his Blackberry and until recently, rumors where he was going to have to give it up and that he would be using a Sectera Edge. The Edge is a high-tech, spy-resistent phone with buttons to access classified or unclassified information at will. All this according to CNN article titled Obama to get spy-proof smartphone.

You can check out the Sectera Edge for youself. While it has great functionality in terms of keeping secrets does seem a little big.

However, it seems that the Pres. will get to keep his Blackberry according to an article at Engadget called Confirmed: Obama gets his BlackBerry, no Sectera Edge in sight which shows a clip from C-Span indicating that The President will keep his Blackberry (apparently modified) to correspond with a few senior staffers.


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Mark T. Burke said...

Ahh -- the adult version of the binky! The BinkyBerry! I am currently without -- so I am looking for my next as well.

The Palm Pre -- one to watch! The whole OS has been revised - and is a trend setter in my opinion. The OS pulls various sources of information together. So, imagine a contact tool that pulls all of a person's profiles together from cloud resources (LinkedIn, Facebook) and non-cloud (Outlook).

Plus, the Pre's phone with slide out, very nice -- and it seems like it would actually fit a real human.

So, now I just wait!

Karl Kapp said...


Sounds interesting, I'll have to check the Palm Pre out. Always looking for a new gadget. And getting a little tired of the expensive iPhone bills.