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Monday, November 24, 2008

CAC Re-Cap

Here are all the posts related to the Fall 2008 Corporate Advisory Council Conference held at Bloomsburg University last week through our Nationally Acclaimed Instructional Technology program.

CAC Kickoff
CAC: Corporate Presentations
CAC: Student Presentations


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Zach Fought said...

CAC, What an experience! As a presenter I found the whole experience to be a bit overwhelming but also a very grounding 'at home' type of phenomenon.

I found it interesting the amount of enthusiasm out in to this event; it was so great to see so many people truly interested in what we were doing. Overall, I can only say what a great experience! The only down side is that I am still trying to catch up in my other classes, for the show unfortunately didn’t stop the rest of academia.

Lord willing I will someday return as an alumnus on the other side of the table. I can't wait to have this opportunity but even more than that I can’t wait to have so time to let all this information from the IIT program to percolate and to be integrated into my job and life. Thank you

Anonymous said...

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