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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

CAC Kickoff

Dr. Doll discussing the 3D Internet.

Our bi-annual Corporate Advisory Council (CAC) has started. We kicked off a little differently this year, we had Dr. Doll present a mini-workshop about Web 3.0 and provides great insights into the concept. His blog to support the presentation is available here.

Dr. Doll providing CAC members a glimpse of the future.

Tomorrow are corporate presentations and student presentations. Look for updates here.


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Bart said...

I've been out of the blog loop for a while, so this comment addresses this post as well as a few before it regarding Google's Lively.

I'm not sure if I buy the hype that web 3.0 will turn out to be the 3D web. I think the 3D web is coming, but I think it's more like web 6.0 or 7.0. I used to make the web 3.0/metaverse argument in the past, but a colleague here at IST (from the M.I.T. media lab, no less), lays out a magnitude of reasons why the 3D web won't be here anytime soon. I should write those reasons down sometime so I can share :)

Anyway, with Lively closing it's doors, Mircosoft stating that "people don't want virtual worlds, they want social networks", and Second Life continuing to struggle with 'stickiness' of users...I'm interested to see where all this goes.

The teaching aspects of my job helps keep a tab on students and some limited perceptions. The only world they spend time in is World of Warcraft, and that's a small percentage. When I get into Second Life, 90% of the class cringes (although some 'get it' and start to find value, but that's a very small percent).

This is always an interesting conversation, maybe we should continue it next wednesday over a beer or Friday over lunch while I'm in town? :)

Karl Kapp said...


Yes, please share those reasons it would be very interesting. While things never move as fast as we think, it is pretty mindboggling to consider that the web is only a little over 5,000 days old and to see how far it has come...who knows how fast it will move in the future. It does seem that the use of 3D worlds is not as widespread as the hype (few things are) but I do agree that few of my students have heard of either platform WOW or SL.

Aaah, a great discussions to have over beers (that and more) but, unfortunately, I will be out of town).

Let's try to coordinate at another time. I'll even buy:)


Anonymous said...

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