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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Forget about the politics of this piece...

Ok, I do not want to be political on this blog since today is election day in the US. Really, I don't care who you vote for (just vote) but no matter who you want to vote for...check out this video.

The technique is really awesome. It embeds the name of any person into the video. Look for my name in the newspaper headline, on the cardboard box, on the Facebook page, on the scroll bar on the bottom. Incredibly clever and what a great way to customize online learning...the possibilities are amazing for customizing learning pieces within corporations and schools what child won't want his or her name on a customized piece about algebra or history.

WARNING...they did go a little far in the middle of the piece with bleeped swearing, so be careful watching at work or around others or yourself if you might be offended. The bleeped swearing is really unnecessary but included. Still check out the technique.


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Unknown said...

I too was amazed by the multiple techniques they used here to make this a personalized experience. I hope they share the techniques, or someone more savvy than I can share the secrets!

While we've been able to do things conceptually similar for years in text, when it's in a video it takes on a whole new level of affective effect.

annb said...

This really takes making the experience personal to the next level. Awesome.

Karl Kapp said...

Seekerbb and Annb,

Isn't this neat. I would love to do it for education or recruitment purposes.

Anonymous said...

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